Tour #4 Pilot whales and more March 17

isla santa catalina

Hello whalewatchers,
Today we spent the morning at Isla Santa Catalina and everyone had a great morning with a early hike among the amazing cactus, a snorkel before lunch and a few people had a “Crazy Coastal Cruise with Capt Cole.” They had bow-riding bottlenose dolphins in the skiff and that was pretty “Crazy.”
We left and went offshore to see if we could find some toothed whales. We were lucky and found a group of 100 pilot whales with a few bottlenose dolphin mixed in. We spent some time in deep-water looking for the other toothed whale (if you’ve been with us, you know who that is…) with no luck yet.
We did see 7 to 10 fin whales east of Isla Carmen and another herd of common dolphin at sunset. The area had a lot of life with whales dolphin, birds, fish and more. It was a very good ending to a perfect day.
More tomorrow,
Capt Art


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