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Tour #3 Isla San Jose

Hello whalewatchers: We enjoyed a great sunrise at Punta Colorado this morning. Then we had a  great walk and snorkel session. We left Punta Colorado and went offshore looking for wildlife. It didn’t take long to find some long-beaked common dolphin. A little further west, we came across a large area of smooth-tailed mobulas jumping. […]

Tour #3 Offshore Cabo San Lucas

Hello whalewatchers: We enjoyed excellent whalewatching today! We observed lots and lots of humpback whales all day. We followed several groups of multiple whales and had great viewing, including lots of fluke shots, which is always a crowd pleaser. There was plenty of breaching, including cows and calves. I think everyone had fun today–I know […]

Tour #3 Offshore Bahia Magdalena

Hello whalewatchers: We had an incredible humpback whale show this afternoon with two whales breaching , flipper flapping, tail lobbing and more. There were other whales in the area but these two whales were great. It will be hard to beat tomorrow around the Gorda Banks, but we’ll try. In addition to the humpbacks we […]

Tour #3 Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers: We had a visitor before daylight this morning–a gray whale cow with her calf hung out at  Searcher for over an hour and most everyone got to see them. It was like the Searcher was a big panga. It is always nice when this occurs, the view from the deck is great. You […]

Tour 3: Laguna San Ignacio, day 1

Hello whalewatchers: Our first day in Laguna San Ignacio was great with good conditions, light winds out of the north for the majority of the day and clear skies. There are lots of whales here with the cow and calf numbers higher than 2 weeks ago. The latest census had 151 cows with calves! Numbers […]

Tour #3: Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatchers: Today at Islas San Benito we had clear skies and breezy conditions all day. The island is still in bloom with lots of flowers. There is a change happening with the northern elephant seals with a lot of the females leaving. Their pups need to fend for themselves now. It doesn’t seem fair […]

20 February census of gray whales in Laguna San Ignacio

There were 347 gray whales: 151 mothers and calves and 45 singles. A gray whale’s blow is distinctly heart-shaped on a calm day and when viewed from behind (or on Valentine’s Day). Many thanks to Carla Mitroff for the use of her photo.

Tour #3 Begins

Hello whalewatchers: We started our trip with a rare San Diego rain storm! In some rolling seas, we mortored to Ensenada to clear Mexican customs. Then we went to Islas Todos Santos in better weather for a look at some pinnipeds, comorants, brown pelicans and oystercatchers. The island is very green with the recent rains. […]

Heading south, looking for whales…

Naturalist Lee Morgan and the mighty vessel Searcher will head south again tonight for a wonderful wildlife adventure! Many thanks to passenger Christine Hallas for use of this photo.

Sea of Cortez reflection

Roca Solitaria at Bahia Agua Verde

Gray whale mom and calf visit Searcher!

New census from Laguna San Ignacio

On 13 February, a total of 347 gray whales were counted. That is 134 cow/calf pairs and 79 singles!

February 17 Isla San Jose and Islas Los Islotes

Hello whalewatchers: We woke up to a great sunset and flat calm seas, then organized a great trip into the mangroves at Isla San Jose. We found more dolphins on the way to Los Islotes for a snorkel session with sea lions. Everyone enjoyed the fun snorkeling with them. We headed offshore for a final […]

Blue whale day!

I received a phone call today with the news of loads of blue whales! They left anchor near Isla Carmen this morning and found lots of blue whales. All is well still and I am sure to get another quick call on Tuesday evening.

Tour #2 Isla San Jose

Dear whalewatchers: The last few days have been whale-filled! Several herds of common dolphins, a big pod of pilot whales, and two different sightings of blue whales feeding on the surface, including a cow-calf pair. Guests have been on coastal cruises and snorkeled at two different islands. They enjoyed watching bottlenose dolphins in the bright, bioluminescent waters as well. More to report tomorrow, but all is well tonight.

February 13

Hello whalewatchers: We are enjoying one of the best days watching humpback whales in a few years! You can look in any direction today and see a whale on the surface. And at one point you could see a whale breaching in any direction. We’ve witnessed all the classic behaviors almost all day including tail-lobbing, […]

February 12

Hello whalewatchers: We woke up to great conditions this morning! Calm seas are always welcome here. We have had lots to look at thus far today–humpback whales, common dolphins and lots of sea bird life, inlcuding black-vented shearwaters, Bonapartes and California gulls. One of the special things to see when it is this calm is […]

Tour #2 Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers: We have had a wonderful visit in Laguna San Ignacio with great weather, lots and lots of whales, and plenty of close encounters. There are certainly a lot of mothers and calves here, and the census shows more than year’s past. Today’s picture is of a single whale close to Searcher.
Team Searcher

Tour #2 Laguna San Ignacio, day 1

Hello whalewatchers: Our weather is great with calm conditions as we enter Laguna San Ignacio. There are plenty of whales in the entrance and even more as we travel to our anchorage in the observation zone. The latest census is 85 cows with calves and 120 single adults–lots of whales and quite a few more calves than usual.
The first panga went out and only had to travel 100 feet and they had a close encounter with a cow and calf. Wow!
The same for the next two pangas. I’m seeing lots of smiles as the pangas returned from the first trip.
Today’s photo of a tail fluke next to Searcher.
Team Searcher

Tour #2 Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatchers: We enjoyed a great day at Islas San Benito. There are plenty of northern elephant seals, with all the behaviors you would expect at this time of year–mating, males  fighting over their harems, and females nursing pups. Guadalupe fur seals were in their usual spot this trip, and ospreys as well. To go along with all the wildlife, the island is in bloom with lots of island mallow, ice plant, Agave, Encelia and the Mammilaria cactus too. We are headed south to Laguna San Ignacio, arriving after breakfast.
Today’s photo is San Benito village from Searcher.
Team Searcher