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A May 31 gray whale sighting

Hello whalewatchers: I had to share the sighting of a northbound gray whale off the Washington coast. Celia and I were on vacation between seasons, visiting the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We saw a blurb in a guide book about Rialto Beach where you might see gray whales and bald eagles, so we decided to […]

Everyone loves mobulas!

But these came next to the boat to feed on the plankton attracted to the lights. What a show!

Tour #6 Isla Espiritu Santo

Today we started the day with Bryde’s and fin whales. We were able to get on the right side of the fin whale with great lighting and see the white lower jaw plainly. Not a bad start! We travlled around the northern end of the island so we could get into deep water with hopes […]

Tour #6 Isla San Jose and Los Islotes

Hello whaewatchers: We had some communication gliches yesterday so we weren’t’t able to send a report. We were busy with plenty of activities–a skiff ride into the mangroves at Isla San Jose to start and then whalewatching on our way to Los Islotes to snorkel with the sea lions. We came across some pilot whales […]

Tour #6 Isla San Jose and Sea of Cortez

Hello whalewatchers, We had a great start to our day with a sunrise at Punta Colorado, Isla San Jose. The we had an early walk in the arroyo and a good snorkel session with good visibilty and 75 degree water. There was a personal milestone for one of our passengers, Reiner Ertel from Germany. Before […]

Tour #6 Offshore Cabo San Lucas, Los Frailes

Hello whalewatchers: We had another awesome day today with great weather, clear skies, calm seas and light winds. Great sea birds this morning again–frigates, black and least storm petrels, brown and masked boobies, pink-footed shearwaters, red-billed tropicbirds too! The whalewatching was tremendous with a humpback cow and her calf with an escort and all the […]

Tour #6 Offshore Bahia Magdalena

Hello whalewatchers, We had another great day with good conditions-light winds and calm seas. The morning started out with lots of common dolphin and seabirds, including elegant terns, Sabines gulls in breeding plumage, pinkfooted and blackvented shearwaters, red phalropes, frigatebirds and the highlight- masked and nazca boobies.  We saw a few sea turtles as well. […]

Tour #6 Laguna San Ignacio day 1

Hello whalewatchers: We had a wonderful day in Laguna San Ignacio with great weather in the morning/early afternoon and awesome whalewatching. Everyone had a close encounter with multiple cows and calves. We had some light rain before sunset, and then after dark we had heavy rain at times. The weather this year has been different […]

Tour #6 Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatchers: We had a great day at Islas San Benito, starting with a blue whale in the anchorage. We haven’t seen a blue whale in that shallow of water here ever before! We had a few good looks and then went ashore. The group had a good day and saw plenty of elephant seals […]

Tour #6: Islas Todos Santos and offshore

Dear whalewatchers: What a great start to our tour #6! We saw at least 6 blue whales, two fin whales, and lost of short-beaked common dolphins. The birders were happy with shearwaters, phalaropes, elegant terns, Bonapartes gulls and more. We saw all the species of pinnipeds at Islas Todos Santos also. We are looking forward […]

Tour #5 Islas Los Islotes and more

Dear whalewatchers: The group has arrived to Cabo San Lucas and has departed the boat. The report from yesterday was stellar! They enjoyed some birdwatching in the mangroves at Isla San Jose, snorkeling with sea lions at Islas Los Islotes and then the trip topper–time spent watching sperm whales–Wow! Next tour leaves Wednesday, lead by […]

Tour #5 Isla Santa Catalina

Hello whalewatchers: We’ve had another beautiful day in the Sea of Cortez. We started with a nice walk on Isla Santat Catalina and shortly after that, a very nice snorkel in perfect conditions. Not very long after we left the island there were a lot of dwarf sperm whales on the surface and we got […]

Tour #5 Isla San Jose

Hello whalerwatchers: We had another beautiful day in the Sea of Cortez. The weather was great and the walk/snorkel at San Jose Island was great too. Shortly after leaving the island, we enjoyed a big group of long-beaked common dolphins and shortly after that pilot whales–one of my favorites. We were lucky to find a […]

Tour #5 Cabo San Lucas, Gorda Banks

Hello whalewatchers: We had another fabulous day here on the Searcher, including lots of really good looks at humpback whales. We got to see all types of action: breaching, flipper flapping, and some tail lobbing. The highlight was seeing a baby humpback breaching repeatedly over and over. We also we got to parallel a blue […]

Offshore Bahia Magdalena

Hello whalewatchers:  What an awesome day we had! We enjoyed amazing weather and our wildlife sightings started before daylight. We had common dolphins from daylight til about 8 a.m.. Shortly after that we found a pair of humpbacks, and after that we saw a cow and calf blue whale in clear, blue water with the […]

Happy Birthday, Simon!

With love from Mum and Dad in Baja! (click the MORE button)

Tour #5 Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers: We enjoyed another great day in the lagoon! The weather was great and the whales were friendly. We are on our way south to look for wildlife all day tomorrow.  Wish us luck. Here is a photo of the cow and calf gray whale hanging out around the boat today. Team Searcher

Tour #5 Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers: We had a beautiful day in the lagoon with calm conditions– a sunny morning and then a little breeze in the afternoon. Everyone aboard got to be touched by a whale! We’re gonna try for another great day here in the lagoon tomorrow. This is peetie — he hung out all day long […]

Tour #5 Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatchers: Wildlife viewing started at daylight when we had three black footed albatrosses and a laysan albatross follow us all the way to San Benito Island.  The group had a great day on the island and saw four different pinnipeds (harbor, Guadalupe fur, and elelephant seals, and California sea lions), peregrine falcons and ospreys […]

Tour #5 Islas Todos Santos and offshore

Hello whalewatchers: Today was a great day for viewing wildlife aboard Searcher. We started out with some nice looks at elephant seals, harbor seals and young sea lions at Islas Todos Santos. Shortly after leaving we saw some northbound gray whales, then a pair of humpback whales, and then some short-beaked common dolphins. We then […]