2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour: Sea of Cortez (Feb 15-26)

February 22

Dear whalewatchers:
We woke up to a picturesque Baja sunrise and started the day with a nice hike at Isla San Francisco. We departed around lunchtime and started working up the Sea of Cortez looking for wildlife. We encountered a huge area of common dolphins near Isla San Jose. This herd was a couple of square miles with animals all spread out. We also saw some more humpback whales in the area.
We made our way up to Bahia Agua Verde for our anchorage tonight. We’re hoping for more tomorrow as we look for new species and landscapes.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour: offshore Cabo San Lucas (Feb 15-26)

February 21

Dear whalewatchers:
Our humpback whale encounters today were as good as it gets! In the areas around Cabo San Lucas we found multiple friendly groups of mothers with calves, and escorts.
We stayed with a couple different groups for hours and our passengers had opportunities to photograph and observe breaching and tail lobbing behaviors that make humpback whales famous.
We needed the day by going ashore at a beautiful beach along the shoreline of the southern part of the Baja California peninsula.
We’re headed into the Sea of Cortez tomorrow.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour: Bahia Magdalena (Feb 15-26)

February 20

Dear whale watchers:
Good evening,
Another epic day on the Pacific Ocean. We spent our day outside Bahia Magdelena looking at humpback whales all day. We enjoyed lots of active whales and up-close whales for great photography. We’ll be around the area of Cabo San Lucas and we are hoping for more of the same tomorrow.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour (Feb 15-26) Laguna San Ignacio

February 18

Dear whale watchers:
We arrived to the entrance at Laguna San Ignacio around 0830 this morning. There was a pretty good swell but the Jesus from our friends and colleagues at Kuyima met us at the entrance and showed us the way in. We got our anchor down near Rocky Point at about 1030 and got the whale watchers out in the pangas (locals’ skiffs) right away.
There are lots of whales around, more than 100, here right now and it looks like more are on the way. There’s plenty to look at and a few friendly whales visited as well.
It’s been an awesome day with awesome weather. We’re camping out tonight and going to do it again tomorrow.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour (Feb 15-26) Islas San Benito

February 17

Dear whalewatchers:
We had a nice day at Isla San Benito. The elephant seal population, as well as the fur seal population, on the island seem to be quite healthy. Excellent birding as well.
After leaving the island, we spent time with a few single humpback whales. We’re headed for Laguna San Ignacio now.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2024 Baja Whalewatching Tour (Feb 15-26) Ensenada and southbound

February 16

Dear whalewatchers:
We departed last night on our first Baja adventure of the year. We cleared customs and immigration check in Ensenada around 0730 am and made a left turn for Islas San Benito.
Just south of Punta Banda on the Banda Bank, there was a lot of life around. We had gray whales, common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin. Along with gulls, shearwaters, pelicans and cormorants. Later in the day, the action decreased though we did see a few distant albatross and late in the afternoon we had a red-billed tropicbird fly overhead.   We’ll be at San Benitos first thing in the morning.
Captain Mike and the boys
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2023 Baja Whalewatching Tour #4 Sea of Cortez (April 3)

April 3

Hello whalewatchers:

We started our day early with a snorkel session and skiff rides with sea lions at Los Islotes which was lots of fun for all.  We went back to the area where we saw fin whales yesterday and found a pair AND a mother/calf pair. We went to Bahia San Gabriel and looked at a large frigatebird colony with lots of activity.

Traveling south we saw a cow and calf humpback whale briefly. And then late in the afternoon we came across a group of bottlenose dolphins. We stayed with them and had a good show. We travelled to Isla Cerralvo to anchor for dinner.

Another successful trip and season! Thank you to all who joined us, followed our reports, and to our fantastic Team Searcher crew!

Captain Art and Team Searcher
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2023 Baja Whalewatching Tour #4 Sea of Cortez (April 2)

April 2

Hello whalewatchers:

We started our day with a wonderful sunset at Punta Colorado on Isla San Jose, then passengers went for a walk on the island. We elected to go offshore looking for whales. Our next stop will be Los Islotes to snorkel with the sea lions there.
Before arriving, Capt Mike spotted a tall spout and it was a fin whale with a calf. It turns out there was another mother with calf and two singles. We spent the rest of the afternoon with them and had great looks.
After anchoring, we had our back deck dinner buffet and watched some smooth-tailed mobulas (rays) jumping. It was a good end to our wildlife day.
Everyone really enjoyed the buffet, Josh and Jono were the stars of the evening.
Captain Art and Team Searcher
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2023 Baja Whalewatching Tour #4 Sea of Cortez (April 1)

April 1

Hello whalewatchers:

We anchored here at Puerto Gato and went ashore for a walk and then a snorkel session. There is a nice beach entry here. Passengers saw lots of birds on the walk! We will try to head out after lunch and see if we can get a break from the wind and find a whale.

Chef Josh served some amazing meals today: eggs Benedict for breakfast, boat-made meatballs/spinach ravioli and sauce for lunch, raw and baked oysters from Laguna San Ignacio for happy hour, and duck confit cassoulet for dinner–WOW!

Captain Art and Team Searcher
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2023 Baja Whalewatching Tour #4 Offshore Cabo San Lucas (March 30)

March 30

Hello whalewatchers:

We had a great day watching humpback whales today. We observed multiple groups of 4-5 whales together for some great looks, even up close at times, including a mother, a calf and escort trio that were breaching multiple times. We had some good looks at the calf. Everyone was very happy.
It’s always a good day when Chef Josh makes his cheeseburger lunch with wedge potatoes and feta cheese.
We made a stop at Puata Arena to check the snorkel gear and get a swim in, and enjoy a beach walk. It was another great day.
Captain Art and Team Searcher
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