Photo credit : Ally Marsh | Chris Shields

Explore the Boat

Searcher is your home at sea

Your adventure begins when you step aboard the meticulously maintained 95-foot Searcher. Our guests appreciate her classic nautical style and yet enjoy many modern conveniences during their ocean voyage.

Searcher Quick Facts

  • state-of-the-art safety and navigation equipment
  • variety of common areas for observation and relaxation
  • two levels of observation decks with multiple
    vantage points
  • four bathrooms and two hot-water showers
  • three aluminum skiffs for activities
  • extensive library with a variety of marine life titles
  • reverse osmosis system to provide filtered water for drinking and cooking
  • home port is San Diego, California USA

Searcher Deck Diagram

Searcher Cabins

A place to dream

After a full day of wildlife activities, you will have a restful slumber and wake refreshed, ready for new adventures!

Your clean and cozy cabin features:

  • air conditioning
  • shelving and below-bunk storage
  • US-style electrical outlets
  • sink with filtered water
  • mirror
  • warm blankets and bedding
  • bath towels
  • reading light
  • stepstool
  • porthole (some cabins)

Searcher Cuisine

Delight your palate, it’s all included

Exceptional cuisine starts with quality ingredients! We are proud to partner with San Diego companies such as Specialty Produce, purveyors of fine, fresh, local produce. Our chef builds extraordinary trip menus using a selection of quality meats from our local butcher, Seaport Meat Company. Fish dishes are designed around products that are local and sustainably caught, often provided by Catalina Offshore Products. Our coffee from Ryan Brothers has been selected for micro-roasted excellence. Your meals, snacks, and beverages (beer, wine, soda, juice, coffee, tea) are all included in your trip cost. Delicious special menus are available for a variety of diets with prior notice. Click the photo of Chef Charley‘s grilled yellowtail entree and try his recipe at home!

Searcher Experience

Discover your ocean connection aboard Searcher

  • Join the excitement of an surprise wildlife sighting
  • Benefit from the presence of professional naturalists who will enhance your appreciation of the encounter
  • Be amazed with a progression of unforgettable sunrises and sunsets
  • Let our crew attend to you and ensure you never miss a sighting
  • Soak in the sunshine from your comfortable deck chair
  • Relish the opportunity to relax
  • Retreat from the distractions of everyday life in a breathtaking setting
  • Browse the titles in our wildlife library
  • Enjoy a profound sleep, rocked by the gentle movement of the water
  • Mingle with fellow wildlife enthusiasts
  • Elevate your experience by sharing it with others
  • Recap the excitement of each day while dining with your new friends
  • Rediscover the wonder of nature through each connection you make
  • Add yourself to the many moments of joy and lightheartedness that are part of our welcoming environment
  • Surrender to the freedom of this remarkable voyage

Searcher Skiffs

Climb aboard and get close to Baja wildlife

Our three 16-foot aluminum skiffs provide you access to land and water locations inaccessible to larger boats. From the skiff, you will enjoy:

  • shore excursions to island and peninsula locations for beachcombing/hiking
  • birdwatching along island shores and mangrove estuaries
  • snorkeling above shallow, rocky reefs
  • photographing seal and sea lion rookeries, nesting birds, and desert plants
  • viewing spectacular landscapes and panoramas
  • gazing at colorful tropical fish from your dry seat, through clear and calm water
  • a safe and comfortable ride with provided life vests, cushioned seats, and a licensed captain at the helm