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May 20th, 2019|News|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – Sea of Cortez

Hello whalewatchers,
Our final day of the 2019 natural history tour season was tremendous! We enjoyed great ocean conditions with light winds, calm seas and sunny skies. We had terrific humpback whalewatching, with several humpbacks in the Gorda Banks area. There were trios, cows with calves, and groups of five whales. Since the sea was also very clear, we had excellent views of these humpback whalewatching. They were showing all the behaviors too, like fluking and leaping, which is always great for photography. We also saw a large group of bottlenose dolphin.
We travelled north east to Bahia Los Frailes and the group went ashore for a beach walk and birdwatching. After the walk there was a snorkel session in warm clean water and lots of reef fishes. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon activities.
We ended the day with a lovely sunset, margaritas and a back deck buffet with BBQ ribs, coleslaw, cornbread, mac and cheese, and banana bread.
It was another successful trip with happy clients and great whalewatching.

The entire 2019 season was great, and as usual, it went by very quickly. The sightings throughout the season were tremendous, as were our wonderful passengers. Thank you for joining us on your Baja adventure! Stay tuned to 2020.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 22nd, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – offshore Bahia Magdalena

Hello whalewatchers:

We’re checking in with a mid-day report of whales! We are off of Bahia Magdalena and have seen humpback whales, common dolphins and lots of birds, such as pink-footed and sooty shearwaters, frigate bird, Sabines gulls, and black storm petrels. We’re looking forward to the rest of today.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

Hello whalewatchers,

After lunch we spent three hours with blue whales outside the entrance to Bahia Magdalena! It was great whalewatching with six blue whales all within a 2-mile area. Most of the whales surfaced frequently so we could keep track of them easily. One whale came close to fluking every time –we did get a great look at its fluke! Lots of life in the area with 1500-2000 common dolphins lots of birds such as shearwaters, terns, gulls and a single black-footed albatross. It was an eventful afternoon!

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 14th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers,

It was our final day in Laguna San Ignacio for our 2019 season and we all said some fond farewells.

Today our group had great whalewatching this morning with several mothers and calves around the pangas. Everyone returned to Searcher with smiles from both trips.

The wind came up this afternoon, so the group went to the mangroves for some birdwatching and to the beach for a walk on a beautiful remote shore. Everyone enjoyed their trips today.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 13th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – Laguna San Ignacio, day 1

Hello whalewatchers,

We arrived during breakfast today to Laguna San Ignacio. There were multiple pairs of gray whale mother/calf pairs in the entrance so we sent everyone out for two trips this morning in good weather. Everyone had a close encounter with a gray whale before lunch.

The group went back out for an extended trip after lunch to be more efficient with the time they had with the whales. Everyone returned with smiles again after seeing plenty of whales. The happy hour flag was raised and everyone is enjoying a Modelo Especial beer on the back deck.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 13th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatcheres,

We arrived at Islas San Benito before breakfast. Everyone went ashore and had a great day on the island. There were plenty of elephant seals who had returned to molt and weaned pups from this year are still there. (Photos by Chris Earley and Nigel Carter.)

There were good looks at osprey on the nest with chicks. We traveled south this afternoon and had a visit from Pacific white-sided dolphins which have been rare this season. They rode the bow for a long time and everyone had a good look. We saw black-footed and Laysan albatross too.

We are headed to Laguna San Ignacio and looking for gray whales.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 12th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – offshore and Islas Todos Santos

Hello all,

We started our day in Ensenada harbor and then out to Isla Todos Santos for some wildlife viewing.  The island is very green with spots of yellow from the blooming daisies. We encountered some common dolphin on the way out to the island. There were plenty of harbor seals on the beach and in the water, with a few elephant seals hauled out as well.

Harbor Seal by Rob Nawojchik

We had great looks at black oystercatchers, peregrine falcon and brown pelicans on the nest and in breeding plumag on and around the island.

We traveled south and were lucky to get our first whale of the trip. It was a blue whale and it turns out there were two whales in the area. They were down for 15 minutes each which made it difficult to keep track of them, but we did manage to get some good looks. A little further south we came across a herd of common dolphins. Not a bad start to the trip! Searcher naturalist Andrea Dransfield and Chris Breen (from The Traveling Naturalist) are keeping everyone engaged and informed.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 10th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Tour #5 (Apr 8-15, 2019) – Lines away! Cheers to a great trip!

Trip #5 with happy eco-tourists from The Travelling Naturalist boarded Searcher under sunny San Diego skies. Our guide Andrea Dransfield briefed them all about  their Baja whalewatching adventure. Traditions were honored and Chris Breen (owner, The Travelling Naturalist) poured the bubbly to toast departure.

For a link to their 2020 tours aboard Searcher, click here: Great Whales of Mexico’s Pacific Coast

April 9th, 2019|Trip Reports|

Searcher Naturalist Andrea Dransfield leading next tour!

Guiding a group from The Travelling Naturalist Wildlife Holidays in the UK, Andrea will be aboard Searcher trip #5! Meet her here: Andrea Dransfield

April 6th, 2019|News|

Tour #4 (Mar 24-Apr 4, 2019) – La Paz Whale Sharks and more!

Hello whalewatchers,

What a tremendous day! We started with a great sunrise, traveled from our anchorage at Isla Espiritu Santo to the Whale Shark reserve. The pangas showed up on time and everyone headed out to snorkel and observe Whale Shark. The group came back very happy!

We headed north and came a cross a blue whale in 120 feet of water. It surfaced twice each time it came to the surface and then fluked. Since it was so shallow it didn’t dive very deep and came back up every 5-6 minutes. A fun blue whale to watch and photograph.After that we came across a group of jumping smooth-tailed mobulas. This is something we look for on every trip and this is the first trip we have found them. They are fun to watch. Next was a group of bottlenose dolphins that performed for us in clean water.

Chefs Dan and Roger dazzled everyone with tri-tip dinner and cheesecake desert. It was a terrific end to a great trip!

Capt Art and Team Searcher

April 4th, 2019|Trip Reports|

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