Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – Isla San Jose

Hello whalewatchers,

Last night we had a trememdous journey north as we encountered with miles and miles of bioluminescence! There were schools of fish that appeared as a big balls of light and other fish that made for a great show for those that stayed up late to enjoy it.
We enjoyed a spectacular sunrise at Punta […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – La Paz

Hello whalewatchers,

We had a very successful day starting with a great Baja California Sea of Cortez sunrise. Then everyone went in pangas to snorkel or observe whale sharks it was a great trip with lots of happy passengers. The weather was awesome and the visibility was clearer than normal so even the […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – offshore Cabo San Lucas

(Many thanks to Moira Johnson for us of her dolphin photo from a previous trip!)

Hello whalewatchers,

We are enjoying great weather and great humpback whalewatching–lots of tail-lobbing as well as breaching and flipper flapping.  Even a few mothers and calves getting in on the action too! We all had plenty of opportunities to […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – offshore Bahia Magdalena

Hello whalewatchers,

We’ve had a busy morning with loads of pelagic birds including storm petrels, boobies, frigates, Craveri’s murrelet, shearwaters, Sabine’s gulls and red phalaropes. (Click to see some Birds of Baja from our tours!)

We came across a single humpback whale that was breaching and pectoral “flipper […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Hello whalewatchers,

What a wonderful day in Laguna San Ignacio! Great weather with a little breeze after breakfast, but that didn’t last long. Passengers enjoyed a trip to the mangroves for birding and an early whale watch. Everyone had a close encounter with a gray whale today, including those of us aboard the Searcher! A mother […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – Laguna San Ignacio, day 1

Hello whalewatchers,

We all had a great day in Laguna San Ignacio with plenty of gray whales and good weather. Everyone had a close encounter with a gray whales this morning, and good whalewatching this afternoon. There has been some good whalewatching from Searcher all day too. Some people are […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – Islas San Benito

Hello whalewatchers,

We had to delay our arrival to San Benito this morning because we were interrupted by fin whales feeding on the surface! We spent an hour viewing the second largest whale and were rewarded with some good looks.

While we were waiting for the fin whales to surface a group of three Cuvier’s beaked whales […]

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Tour #4 (Mar 9-20, 2018) – Tour #4 off and running!

Hello whalewatchers:

Pacific white-sided dolphins

Our Tour #4, co-sponsored by Naturetrek, departed San Diego and smoothly navigated Mexican Customs and Immigration in Ensenada. We travelled out to Islas Todos Santos and spent some time with a group of pacific white-sided dolphins.

We travelled south and found our […]

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Spotlight Series: Xantus in Baja!

Spotlight Series contains blog posts written by Searcher naturalists on curious and fascinating topics from our Searcher Natural History Tours to Baja California. Search  for “Spotlight Series” to read them all.

by Searcher naturalist, Paul Jones

John Xantus, was born in Hungary […]

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Isla San Francisco

Howdy whalewatchers,

For our final day we spent the morning at Isla San Francisco where passengers did a beach and shore walk, and then The Beach at Isla San Franciscohad a snorkel or swim in the nice calm bay. Cortez garden eels were the favorite underwater creature here, […]

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Sea of Cortez (La Paz and Isla Santa Catalina)

Howdy whalewatchers:

Yesterday we had a good weather day and we spent it swimming with whale sharks in La Paz. We headed up to Los Islotes to get another snorkel in with sea lions this time!

Capt Aaron and Team Searcher

Howdy whalewatchers:

What a picture-perfect sunrise and wonderful weather this morning at Santa Catalina Island!

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – offshore Cabo San Lucas

Howdy whalewatchers,

We had a nice morning today around Gorda Banks offshore Cabo San Lucas. We spent our time with humpback whales, including a group of five whales swimming around the boat with us. It was a spectacular encounter!

We also saw a herd of common dolphins this morning, which are […]

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – offshore Bahia Magdalena

Howdy whalewatchers:

We have some unusual rain this morning, but we were able to find some whales and birds to view. We started off with a red-footed, brown and masked booby early, then off to a 4-pack of humpback whales that were very entertaining– fluking for us on every dive!


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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Laguna San Ignacio, day 2

Howdy whalewatchers,

The weather has been fantastic for us this morning, and the whales were all around. We’re hoping to get some more great whalewatching in this afternoon.

photo by Nigel Carter

Capt Aaron and Team Searcher

Howdy whalewatchers,

We’re headed south after leaving the lagoon. We had great weather all […]

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Laguna San Ignacio

Howdy whalewatchers,

We offered two trips in pangas (Mexican skiffs) this morning and they were a great success! Passengers were able to closely observe, photograph and interact with gray whales. The weather is fine and we’re hoping it stays that way for for the afternoon runs.

Capt Aaron and Team Searcher

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Islas San Benito

Howdy whalewatchers!

Today we spent the day at West San Benito island. The visibility was great and so passengers could see for many miles from the walking trails and the historic lighthouse that the island is famous for.

Rob Nawojchik guides Searcher passengers around the elephant seal haul-out areas […]

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Tour #3 (Feb 22-Mar 5, 2018) – Islas Todos Santos and gray whale census

Howdy whalewatchers:

We departed a chilly San Diego and headed south to Baja California, Mexico.

Our first morning we spent a little time at Islas Todos Santos where we saw black oystercatchers, brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, blue-wing teal and peregrine falcon. After we left the island we headed south in windy conditions. But with […]

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Photo Album from Tour #2 (Feb 7-18, 2018)

“San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, and lots of whales and wildlife in between!”

From Tour #2 Baja Whalewatching Tour Feb 7-18, 2018. Posted by Searcher Natural History Tours on 2/09/2018 (38 items)

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Tour #2 (Feb 7-18, 2018) – Isla San Francisco

Hello whalewatchers,

Our final day started with a great sunrise, then passengers enjoyed a walk on this great little island with a good view from the ridge. There is also a beautiful sandy beach and clear water, so a final snorkel session was available. We then headed south looking for whales. And then anchored up for […]

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Our friends in Laguna San Ignacio and February 15 census

Census February 15, 2018 for gray whales in Laguna San Ignacio:
Singles: 161
Mothers & calves: 20
Total gray whales: 201

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