Photo Credits

All wildlife and tour destination images you’ve enjoyed on our web site were taken while aboard a Searcher Natural History Tour. All other photos, including the aerials, were taken by SNHT’s photographer, Joseph Agustin. Enjoy his web site here:

We are grateful for permission granted by the following talented photographers for their images to appear. Please enjoy the photos and do not copy them.

Home: Tom Blackman
Baja Whalewatching Tours: Ally Marsh, Joanne Lasnier, Lee Morgan, Hilary Thompson, Rob Nawojchik, Mark Underwood, John Davison, Nigel Carter, Chris Earley
Pelagic Birding Tours: Tom Blackman, Larry Schott, Ally Marsh, Dave Pereksta, Dave Povey, Terry Hunefeld, Todd McGrath, Paul Lehman
Schedule: Mark Underwood, Chris Shields, John Davison, Val Shore, Steve Lamb, Tom Blackman, Paul Jones, Rob Nawojchik, Lee Morgan, John Broderick
Booking a Baja Whalewatching Tour: Chris Shields, Lee Morgan, Simon Murgatroyd
Booking a Pelagic Birding Tour: Steve Lamb
Explore the Boat: Chris Shields, Ally Marsh, Dave Povey, Chris Shields, Val Shore, Rich Crossen
Team Searcher: Lee Morgan, Brian Leadbitter, Christine Hallas, Susan Schott, Julie Kondor, Chris Earley

Birds of Baja: Nigel Carter, Chris Earley, Tom Blackman, Mark Underwood, Rich Crossen