Tour #2 Sea of Cortez at its finest! Feb 17

blue whale, sea of cortez

Hello whalewatchers,
We enjoyed the Sea of Cortez at its finest with great sunny weather, calm seas, and the best conditions for spotting you can imagine. We saw 15 blue whales, two fin whales, 6 Bryde’s whales, two dwarf sperm whales, which means we can add another new species to our trip list. There is a tremendous amount of sea life and bird life. It just doesn’t get much better.
More tomorrow,
Capt Art

p.s. As promised, a photo of Kogia (dwarf sperm whale) taken by Chef Charles Howell. These animals are hard to spot and even harder to photograph!

Dwarf sperm whale surfacing


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6 Responses to “Tour #2 Sea of Cortez at its finest! Feb 17”

  1. Sarah Radford says:

    FIFTEEN BLUE WHALES!! WOW!! Sounds mind-blowing and amazing… hope everyone is having a good time!

  2. Gaynell says:

    Wow, dwarf sperm whales!! I’d love to see photos, please. Sounds like this was an awesome trip with so many different whale sightings. Searcher is THE BEST!!!

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Guys,
    15 Blue Whales???
    Sounds like the trip is going absolutely brilliantly.
    Please make sure save some of those whales for when we get on board on Tuesday.
    Not long now.
    Dave & Sue

    • Celia says:

      sounds good, dave! they’ll be there!
      after about 6 weeks of warm (60-70) sunny days here in san diego, we are finally getting some rain this weekend. so those of you coming to town, keep your rain jacket handy! you’ll be heading south out of this weather pattern on the boat, so i am sure the baja sunshine will find you within a day or two.

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