Dear whalewatchers:

We had a glorious morning in this special place. The 110 cow-calf pairs that are still here kept us very busy! It seems like there were several pairs to watch around Searcher all day, and there were plenty of friendly whales to visit everyone in the pangas. It’s clear we’ve all been touched by a whale.The calves are getting to be three months of age and are inquisitive and playful.

In addition to  panga trips to see the whales, we had a trip into the mangroves as the tide was coming in and found lots of shorebirds and herons feeding. There was also a very windy trip to the beach, as the wind had increased by the afternoon. But the shells and bones were interesting and a desolate beach is always a great place for a walk. And then there was Chef Charles’ boat-made cheesecake with blueberry sauce for dessert!

We left the lagoon for the last time in 2012, but vowed to bring others back again next year to experience the gray whale magic.

We are heading south for new territory and more wildlife.We’ll be offshore Bahia Magdalena all day tomorrow.

Capt Art