Dear whalewatchers:

Today was a day full of wildlife activities. We started with a pre-breakfast mangrove skiff ride to see birds such as herons, egrets, osprey, night herons, shorebirds, oystercatchers, and the elusive mangrove warbler! There were many warblers today, maybe because their nesting season is approaching and the males were territorial enough to chase each other around. It was a beautiful morning in a special place on the south end of Isla San Jose.

After breakfast we visited Isla San Francisco and everyone enjoyed this gorgeous beach and cove. Some people hiked up the cliff for a view of the Sea of Cortez and others snorkeled in the rocky cove and over the sandy bottom.

After a bit of travel, we arrived at Los Islotes for another snorkel with the sea lions. We decided to do something different on our last trip of 2012 and have a beach party with Charles’ BBQ and a fantastic sunset from the beach tonght. Oh yeah, there’ll be some margaritas to drink too.

We are looking forward to more whalewatching in the humpback zone tomorrow. Who knows what else we will find!

Capt Art