Hello whalewatchers,
We had a spectacular day off of Bahia Magdalena today with a lot of life.
It started off with good bird life and a group of six masked boobies (which was a treat), a Laysan albatross and plenty of shearwaters, frigatebirds and gulls.
After identifying the boobies ,we had a humpback whale breach directly behind the boat and while we circled back around to take a look we spotted two blue whales. We spent a couple of hours with the blue whales and had some great looks with clean water and good sea conditions. We saw one other blue whale in the distance.
After leaving the blue whales we came across two very large groups of long-beaked common dolphin with birds associated with them, and some jumping small tuna as well.
After a “Whales of the World” lecture in the bow, we opened the Searcher boutique for some shopping and then finished the day with breaching humpbacks. We saw at least five humpbacks breaching at different times and we were able to get a close look at one breacher. It was a great way to end the day.
Looking forward to tomorrow and more humpbacks.
More then,
Capt Art