Hello whalewatchers:

We had another great day here in Baja off Bahia Magdelena.  We had wind and a big swell, however we found lots of wild life. We had a “mega-pod” of dolphins that surfed the wake and stayed around the boat for a long time.  Then we found some Bryde’s whales that were very easy to observe.  Three of them were grouped up and stayed right on the surface.  We found humpbacks which were travelling very fast so we didn’t spend too much time with them.

We had a long afternoon not seeing much, then we found some blue whales late in the day.  There were two different areas.  I think we saw between 12-15 of them this evening, including a couple of whales that showed their flukes, a mother and calf pair, and some lunge feeders.  And we added a fin whale to our list for the day!

Captain Mike and Team Searcher