Hello all,

We arrived yesterday to Isla Soccorro. There’s a photo of the pier and bay where we go ashore.

The ride here was pretty good with light winds and a rolling sea. We noticed lots of birds as we approached: Boobies, Brown noddies, Sooty terns, and Cook’s petrels associated with bottlenose dolphins. Once we got the anchor down in front of the navy base and pier, we went through a detailed inspection. Once that was completed we were able to go ashore.

The bird team is looking for the endemic mockingbird, Soccorro wren, and Red-tailed hawk. The plant team found some new records and the insect team set some traps to be looked at tomorrow. (Insect team organizing their Isla Clarion collections at a galley table on board.)

Last night’s dinner by chef Josh was a pork loin with wild rice, veggie medley and an apple-thyme demiglaze that was delicious!

More later,

Captain Art and Team Searcher