Hello all,

This was our final day at the Revillagigedo Islands. We started in the anchorage at Isla Soccoro. We went around the east side of the island looking for birds and whatever we could find. We saw a few boobies and some Wedge-tailed shearwaters that nest on Isla San Benedicto.

We travelled the 25 miles to Isla San Benedicto and went to the east side of that island to look for the tropicbirds. We saw two red-tailed tropicbirds which was a highlight for the bird team. Unfortunately due to a large swell, we couldn’t land on the island. We sent a skiff in to look for a spot to snorkel but there were sharks around and we wanted to keep everyone safe.  We did see a giant Manta ray and we put a few people in the water  but it swam away and the reef sharks gathered, so everyone got out of the water.

We had a back deck BBQ buffet with ribs, mac and cheese, corn bread, coleslaw and brownies with margaritas. After dark was a “Searcher Shark Show” with at least 50 sharks around the boat feeding on needle fish and flying fish. There were also bottlenose dolphin feeding on flying fish. It was the highlight of the day.

We are headed to Cabo tonight and arriving Thursday morning.

Captain Art and Team Searcher