March 29

Hello whalewatchers:

We spent the day offshore Bahia Magdalena looking for whales, dolphins and birds. We saw two herds of common dolphin. One was a mega herd of 5000-6000 dolphins and the other was about 300-500. We saw about 15 humpbacks, mostly singles, though we got a good look at a pair.
Late in the afternoon we saw a single blue whale that was feeding and staying in the same area. It was only down on a dive for 6 minutes and then it would be at the surface again for several breaths. We spent an hour and a half with this whale and had great looks. Everyone was very happy!
We saw several pink footed shearwaters, a few sooty shearwaters, northern fulmars, and frigatebirds too.
It was a great day with a tremendous sunset that interrupted dinner, There was a mandatory visit to the back deck, ordered by the Captain (me) to view it.
Captain Art and Team Searcher