Friends and colleagues from Fishermans’ Landing were finishing up a local fishing trip and encountered a large pod of orcas who were attacking and feeding on a fin whale. This took place just offshore San Diego near the Los Coronados islands. This footage was taken by Rick Maxa, who was joined by Carl Schmidt and Doug Kern. We thank them for passing on the footage so we could get it to the experts. This pod is probably the same pod that Capt Art encountered on a trip two years ago coming home from Isla Guadalupe on a shark diving trip. There is a very distinctive juvenile with a scarred area where it’s dorsal fin WAS.

The orcas are attacking the fin whale in this footage. (Whale’s blow is high and slow)

Great footage of a curious juvenile after the attack

After the 2-hour event, the fishermen drove away and a large orca said his own goodbye!