We are excited to share these recent offshore sightings from local pelagic experts, Dave Povey and Matt Sadowski, who were out to cover the offshore areas on 2 Jan 2021.

Searcher Natural History Tours has scheduled our NEW 3-day pelagic birding tour over Memorial Day weekend!   We plan to spend time covering the distant waters needed to access these birds while we search, observe, and photograph birds and other marine life including whales and dolphins. Leaders will include Dave Povey and Dave Pereksta.

The following is a partial list and numbers from the trip on 2 Jan 2021. Dave reports:

“Most birds were beyond 5 nautical miles, and many more at 10 nautical miles plus. We covered a wide area from below Point Loma including the Nine Mile Bank, and covered south to north and all the way into La Jolla Canyon.”

    • Northern Fulmar (1)
    • Pink-footed Shearwater (1)
    • dark shearwater sp. (1)
    • Black-vented Shearwater (4000+)
    • Brown Booby (1)
    • Red Phalarope (4)
    • Parasitic Jaeger (1)
    • Pomarine Jaeger (3-5)
    • jaeger sp. (2)
    • Scripps’s Murrelet (2)
    • Cassin’s Auklet (1)
    • Rhinoceros Auklet (2-3)
    • Bonaparte’s Gull (1000+)
    • California Gull (700)
    • Royal Tern (5-6)