Searcher Safety

Prepare for travel aboard ship to relatively remote areas, far from US-style medical facilities or pharmacies. You are invited, but not required, to participate in activities such as whalewatching in small skiffs, snorkeling and swimming, hiking in remote areas, and traveling aboard a moving vessel. We try to accommodate all levels of ability in these experiences, however we suggest you discuss this tour and the activities with your physician to make an informed decision about whether this tour matches your fitness level. Please inform us of any medical conditions and dietary needs in advance so we can do our best to make you comfortable during your tour.

Videos – Searcher boarding techniques

Please note that getting off Searcher into smaller skiffs for whalewatching and excursions is via a ladder with three steps about 12 inches apart. It is very important that your physical condition permits you to ascend/descend this ladder.

Skiff to Searcher Boarding


Skiff Entry for Snorkelers

youtube-TOm-lVHf5b8Isla Santa Catalina Skiff Entry

youtube-WAPfeYEHVTAPanga to Searcher


Snorkeler Entry