On a Searcher Natural History Tour, wildlife plays the starring role!
However many guests appreciate our excellent customer service and safe and friendly atmosphere.

Customer Comments

Great trip! The crew was fantastic, the whales were awesome, and I can't stop smiling!

—Tom Base, Oregon, USA, January 2015

Art and the crew is fabulous and very attentive to indivual's needs. Above and beyond my expections! I will continue to promote and recommend the Searcher every chance I get.

—Pelagic Birding Tour, Mary Gustafson, November 2015

Brilliant trip! Atmosphere on board is fantastic. Crew are attentive, vigilant about safety, knowledge and fun food--Wow! The wildlife viewing is done with such skill and respect, could not have been any better. Thanks!

—February, 2015

You and your crew went out of your way to give us an unforgettable holiday. Thank you so much for your care and enthusiasm.

—February, 2015

The itinerary and daily programs were excellently executed. It was my type of trip--a massive focus of activities on wildlife. The excellent cooking was a bonus!

—February, 2015

The crew are unsurpassed and the naturalists make the whole thing special. Thanks so much!

—Mick and Fran, UK, April 2015

You and the crew ensured we had a holiday of a lifetime and we won't forget the whales.  

—April 2015

This tour has been inspiring and life-changing. Thank you again and again.

—April 2015

A fantastic experience! Food, skiff trips, and the effort made to see as much as possible were all first-rate.

—April 2015

A truly memorable trip. Saw almost all my target whales and target birds. Incredible! Crew members were exceptionally helpful, with a great sense of humor, knowledge and obvious experience. Special compliments to Chef Charley. Thank you for making it possible for us all to see and enjoy such wonders!

—Ieuan Bryn, UK, March 2016

What a great holiday--thank you! Nothing was too much trouble for any of the crew. The captain runs a very good team and ship.

—Adrian and Monica Fisher, UK, March 2016

Amazing trip-thank you for making it so special! Every day has been really fantastic and it really couldn't have been better. The crew are fantastic, the food was amazing, and the guides were full of information and interest. Thank you!

—April, 2016

Thank you to Celia, Art and all your crew for the trip of a lifetime. We really appreciated your care for our safety above all, for the wonderful meals, for your 24/7 running the boat, whalewatching and delivering us safely in the skiffs.

—Grant and Michelle Serpell, UK, February 2016

This was our third trip and it did not disappoint. The crew were amazing, keeping us safe, well fed and spotting wildlife beyond our dreams for us to enjoy. Paul and Marc continue to inspire us to better our wildlife knowledge. Thank you for a another great experience!

—Sue and Larry Schott, Canada, February 2016

All the crew looked after everybody the same, always on hand to assist when needed, food excellent and plentiful, whales everyday, all day--what else could you want?

—Pam and Dave Ruddle, UK, April 2016

Amazing trip! Great crew. Fantastic food, organization, communication, and professional at all times. Felt safe and well-looked after. Thank you!

—UK, April 2016

The Searcher pelagic sets a high bar for all other pelagics. Great captain and crew, comfortable cabins, good food, clean ship and restrooms. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

—Pelagic Birding Tour, Gary Hodne, September 2016

The journey of the Searcher was, as always, stupendous! I am always left with a feeling of awe at the incredible beauty of the place and all the creatures who live there and so very thankful to Art for making it possible for me to be a part of it for a short time. Baja is a very special place and I am so lucky to have found it, thanks to you and Art.

—Maggie, UK, March 2017

We have had the holiday of a lifetime thanks to the knowledge, skills, courtesy, patience and good humour of all the crew. Thanks for all you have done to make this voyage so memorable!

—Jane and Dave, March 2017