Customer Comments

On a Searcher Natural History Tour, wildlife plays the starring role!

Whales and wildlife are the focus, though Searcher naturalists and crew can enhance your experience.

However many guests appreciate our excellent customer service and safe and friendly atmosphere.

I have NEVER seen people work so hard, so efficiently, so continually and so cheerfully, with safety and service always and foremost in their minds. You are all greatly appreciated.

—Jan Payne, California, January, 2013

I waited many years to make this trip and it exceeded all my expectations. To be immersed in marine wildlife is a gift. The Searcher crew are the best I've ever experienced.

—Kathy Russi, USA, February, 2013

Again Team Searcher really delivered and looked after us, from your friendly and efficient on-shore organisation, the crew's hard work, always with a smile, Paul and Marc's knowledge, to Art whose customer care skills combined with his love and enthusiasm for Baja after so many trips never ceases to amaze me.

—Anne Puffett, UK, February, 2013

Brenda and I truly had a wonderful experience. I still marvel at all we saw. Some of my special moments include sitting on the bridge with Paul and Marc and admiring the cloud formations we saw. Paul and Marc really helped to make the trip special. And Art helped us feel and safe and comfortable throughout.

—Leo and Brenda Winternitz, USA, February, 2013

I just wanted to thank you and all the crew for the most amazing trip, from hummingbirds to blue whales, sand dollars and moments with sea lions. One of the pleasures was everybody's clear delight in all the wildlife which went beyond just being a "job" and to the seamless, smooth organisation that went into our day-to-day activities, not to mention the very obvious care from Art to keep us safe! Thank you so much, it was an honour to be allowed such close contact with all the wildlife.

—Lynn Barwood, UK, March, 2013

Amazing how well everything is organized, kept in good condition and clean. Hope you can continue to do this for a very long time. The planet needs people like you. Thanks!

—April 2013

An awesome experience! Could not have been better. Super crew and guides. Worth every penny. I hope to do this again sometime. I saw both my target birds!

—Pelagic Birding Tour, September 2013

A truly amazing and unforgettable experience! Many thanks to all the team aboard Searcher.

—January, 2014

Thank you for an unforgettable journey with the whales. No improvement to the excellent hospitality needed!

—Klaus Dohr, Germany, January 2014

Thank you for the best trip ever. Capt Art and crew are superb. The trip exceeded all expectations and has left us with memories to treasure.

—Graham and Barbara Mitchell, England, January 2014

This trip was absolutely wonderful! Crew outstanding! Food excellent! Capt finding all the whale and dolphin hot spots all the while looking our for our safety and comfort.

—Janet Tice, Pennsylvania, January 2014

A fabulous tour! Perfection all the way!

—Rob and Payal Montague, England, January 2014

Hooray to all! A fantastic trip in all respects. I appreciate the almost-always low-key, respectful way a considerable amount of control is exercised to keep everyone safe, well-informed and entertained!

—February, 2014

One of the best holidays we have had--every day was unforgettable and special. A massive thanks!

—Jon and Jane Sidwick, England, February 2014

There are truly no words to describe the adventure you all facilitated. A trip of a lifetime and memories forever. Our privledge to be aboard!

—Tom and Judy Arkwright, Michigan, February 2014

We feel truly honored to experience the many unique encounters. Charles and Geri-Sue performed feats of magic in the galley to produce amazing meals. Marc and Paul are gems, educating us and making us laugh. Last, but not least, the crew made us feel safe and at home. We are already thinking about trip #3!

—Larry and Sue Schott, Canada, February 2014

Captain Art is a great role model for anyone in leadership-expects high quality and crew delivers it! Every day brought a new, spectacular adventure.

—Fran and Ken Zichal, Iowa, February 2014

I had an absolutely fabulous time aboard Searcher with its wonderful crew, amazing wildlife and scenery, and new friends with common interests. I will cherish these memories forever.

—Debbie, Alaska, February, 2014

This was a trip of a lifetime, but we very much hope we can come again!

—Pam and Peter, England, March, 2014

So many thanks for all the crew's expertise, care, and enthusiasm--all surpassing any expectation. A wonderful trip!

—England, March, 2014