Gear List for Pelagic Birding Tour


Bring layers of clothes to keep up with changing temperatures, and at least one windproof coat and a warm cap. Light fabric long-sleeved shirts and pants can protect you from sun and wind.

Day temperatures range from 50-70-degrees F, depending upon ocean temperatures, location, and cloud cover. Windy conditions are expected. Rain is unlikely.  There are no laundry facilities, so bring enough changes of clothes in case you get wet.

Bring close-toed shoes with sufficient tread.

Sun protection is extremely important, so bring a sun hat, sunblock, and sunglasses.


Please bring your toiletries (including medications and first-aid items). Please consider using unscented products for the comfort of those who may be allergic. Make sure to include an appropriate anti-seasickness remedy. Even if you think you’re not subject to motion sickness, consider taking a remedy prior to boarding the boat or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Some brands to consider are Dramamine, Bonine, or Meclizine. Check with your doctor for prescribed remedies such as the Scopalamine patch.


You will need money only for souvenir t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and crew gratuity. We are often asked for gratuity guidelines–10% of the trip cost is the usual range. There will be envelopes on the boat for you to use. US personal checks or cash are accepted for on-board expenses.


Please bring a photo id such as a driver’s license.


Bring binoculars, camera and extra batteries, and anything else you consider essential for observing and photographing wildlife at sea.

Cabin Notes

Your cabin will be small, but adequate for sleeping and gear storage if you pack reasonably. If possible, use soft luggage which stores away easier. There are storage shelves, mirror, and sink in each cabin. Most people choose to relax or read in the indoor salon or outdoors on deck, and use the cabin for sleeping and changing only.

Bedding (pillow, case, sheets, and blanket) and a medium bath towel/washcloth are provided. There is an electrical outlet (conventional US style) in each cabin for recharging batteries, cameras, laptops, and other electrical devices.

Please do not count on using your cell phone or having an internet connection for your laptop. Access may be limited, and your fellow travellers may wish to enjoy the remote wildlife experience WITHOUT hearing phones or conversations.