Birds of Baja

Birds you may see during our 12-day itinerary on a Searcher Natural History Tour!

Sea Birds

Double-crested cormorant @ Nigel Carter

Brandt’s cormorant @ Nigel Carter

Red-billed tropicbird @ Rich Crossen

Bonaparte’s gull @ Tom Blackman

Cassin’s auklet @ Tom Blackman

Red-necked phalaropes @ Nigel Carter

Craveri’s murrelet @ Nigel Carter

Craveri’s murrelet with chicks @ Chris Earley

Black-footed albatross @ Nigel Carter

Black-footed albatrosses @ Nigel Carter

Black-vented shearwater @ Chris Earley

Blue-footed boobies @ Nigel Carter

Brown Booby @ Lee Morgan

Brown pelican @ Lee Morgan

Eared grebe @ Lee Morgan

Eared grebe raft @ Nigel Carter

Heerman’s gull @ Nigel Carter

Laysan albatross @ Nigel Carter

Magnificent frigatebird @ Lee Morgan

Magnificent frigatebirds feeding

Parasitic jaeger @ Tom Blackman

Pink-footed shearwater @ Tom Blackman

Red-necked phalarope @ Tom Blackman

Yellow-footed gull @ Nigel Carter

Shore Birds

Spotted sandpiper @ Nigel Carter

Osprey @ Nigel Carter

Osprey nest @ Chris Earley

Ridgway’s rail @ Chris Earley

Greater yellowlegs @ Chris Earley

American oystercatchers @ Nigel Carter

White-faced ibis @ Nigel Carter

White ibis @ Lee Morgan

Sandpipers @ Rich Crossen

Willet @ Lee Morgan

Long-billed curlew @ Chris Earley

Marbled godwit @ Chris Earley

Land Birds

Costa’s hummingbird @ Ally Marsh

American kestrel @ Nigel Carter

Crested caracara @ Nigel Carter

House finch @ Nigel Carter

Ash-throated flycatcher @ Hilary Thompson

Black-throated sparrow @ Nigel Carter

Gila woodpecker @ Nigel Carter

Gray thrasher @ Nigel Carter

(Baja endemic)

Loggerhead shrike @ John Davison

Mangrove warbler @ Lee Morgan

Northern cardinal @ Nigel Carter

Hooded oriole @ Nigel Carter

California quail @ Nigel Carter

Common raven @ Nigel Carter

San Benito savannah sparrow @ Nigel Carter

(Baja endemic)

Turkey vultures @ Ally Marsh

Verdin @ Nigel Carter

Vermilion flycatcher @ Nigel Carter

Xantus hummingbird @ Rich Crossen

(Baja endemic)


Great blue heron @ Chris Earley

Reddish egret @ Nigel Carter

Reddish egret (fishing) @ Nigel Carter

Tri-colored heron @ Chris Earley

Snowy egret @ Mark Underwood

Snowy egrets @ Ally Marsh

Great egret @ Chris Earley

Yellow-crowned night heron