2022 Great Whales of Mexico’s Pacific Coast
Feb 11 - Feb 18, 2022 Depart: San Diego, California, USA
Return: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, MX
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Departing from San Diego, California
Arriving to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Join this unique 8-day tour to observe and photograph gray, blue, fin, sperm, and humpback whales, and several kinds of dolphins along Baja California, Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Included in this trip are two full days in Laguna San Ignacio, the lagoon famous for curious gray whales!

This tour is exclusively offered by Wildlife Worldwide. View the detailed itinerary and book spots on their web site by clicking the Reserve Now button above.

Tour Notes

Tour Naturalists

Andrea Dransfield

As a field biologist, Andrea specializes in marine mammals and their coastal environments. READ MORE

Lee Morgan

Lee has guided wildlife tours all over the world, but maintains a passion for Pacific Coast wildlife. READ MORE

MEALS INCLUDED: All meals (and beverages) from breakfast on Day 2 through breakfast on Day 8.

TRAVEL NOT INCLUDED: Ground and air transport to San Diego (Fisherman’s Landing where Searcher is docked) on Day 1 and return from Cabo San Lucas on Day 8.

SAFETY NOTE: Because safety is our primary concern, we reserve the right to restrict passenger activities, if necessary. Please watch instructional boarding videos in the Searcher Safety link for information on necessary physical abilities for this tour.

Itineraries and schedules subject to change based on weather conditions, wildlife opportunities, Captain’s discretion, and the uncertainties operating within foreign preserve guidelines.

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